fema sent several people about roof and over payments but not knowing all going they were asked not to go in yard and side of the house

he never fixed the house he was taking money under false pretense he even used my name on his form  i ask fema to make him send the money back he was suppose to have gone to asi credit union and return money he got with me on it his form or applicationn. i was in florida when i returned he said  the people at fema wanted my name and social security number i refused him at the motel cause i was handling my business separate like i knew it was suppose to be, but on returning back he obtained my imformation and it keep showig dule application they said he was still using my name for money i was getting fema he knew this threw fear and other things  i just keep calling  to get it straighten out as i did he continue to file me as well finally i faxed fema got his imfo rita number and katrinia number keep talking to people answering the phone i got tired he wouldnt quite i had to stay in his trailer for a place to stay please look into this fraud by mr. leonard dan lawson 
address ; 317 dome dr
his social is ;436 -58-3341
drivers lic number ;385216
dob :3-26-1938
he never put the cielings up or fixed nothing
he did get guys from neighborhood path roof few spots but it was messed up before katrina
this house has been in bad bad condition since he had it he  never fixed nothing after you all gave him the money
if you come out you will see same condition  except one cieling the living room guys behind store that drink all the time fix it but big hold in it too others are down like when you all took the pictures he was just stealing money any way he could he lies on taxes he put cars in my insurances i never gave him permission 4 trucks he is always scamming get away use my name alot and ss#  date birth i not afraid no more of beatings threaths just want it all cleared up where ever he used my name as benefit for money any thing  you can contact me 5047107731
Address 317 Dome Drive Avondale, LA 70094


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