doing the year’s of living at _________________________________ mr_______________________________

i been a victimized by mr _____________________________________________________, claiming as a dependant on his tax returns several times we are not nor have ever been engaged, he never supported 6 months are 1 year but he has cared me  on his tax returns, doing the course of knowing him not realizing all he was doing are not ever really knowing the type of individual he is he stole my car while i was recovering from major surgury  from being beaten in his home i was unable to walk go places for a long period of time became deeply depress from abuse by people in his family.

during this time and before i found out he was using my name obtaining insurance for for pick up trucks i never took out insurance for mr lawson yet he was able to get insurance  on my policy  with aig through __________pat _______________________________________________________. signing my name getting binders and insurance cards  then plates  tags for his trucks i never added him to my policy  yet baton rouge issued plates  under insurance in my name and tags for his trucks i never  was told or asked i found these  things out from  other means i spoke with the insurance company they said we were doing something illegal he did this with out telling me.

he defrauded fema using my name and social security number again  fraudulently using my name social  and date birth.

he lied and keep doing these thing i am asking for prosecution against mr leonard dan lawson  on each count of fraud.


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