Choice is Lesser of Two Evils Should Negotiations Fail with Iran Says Brzezinski

Keep Cool America

Zbigniew Brzezinski said if continued negotiations fail to produce a satisfactory outcome for the U.S. regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions, its limited options represented choosing the lesser of evils in a complicated, uncertain crisis. The Obama Administration’s best strategy lay in continued sanctions against Iran with political support for the emergence of eventual democracy in Iran along with regional security for U.S. friendly Middle Eastern countries including Israel.

“[It] is not the same as the achievement of our objective, but it is an option which creates a condition which might endure for quite awhile,” said Brzezinski. “It is difficult to imagine any Iranian regime embarking on a nuclear adventure if it simply has the bomb.”

The worst option would be if the U.S. and Israel attacked Iran individually or jointly. This action would produce a regional crisis, widespread hatred towards the U.S. and far reaching consequences.

“The region would be literally…

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