The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Many are getting an understanding of the meaning and the need to “come out of Babylon” (see Revelation 18:4-5). But there still seems to be a lot of confusion concerning “where do I go?”

“Come out of Babylon” in a “nut shell” means to forsake being just a nominal Christian. Quit playing the social religious game of being part of a Church where people still live with sin in their lives and hearts. The scripture describes the true Church as a completely faithful to Jesus, bride of Christ. A people who have been delivered from sin and live holy. Babylon describes an unfaithful church. A church that claims to be married to Jesus, but yet still takes pleasure in  sin and the temptations that Satan offers.

So you say you have “come out of Babylon.” That is good, but now what? Perhaps you believe you have come to Jesus. That…

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